August Updates Part 2

Starting of the Mid-August, Our members and committees again attended various function and events. We sent off two YE departing from Penang.

We hope that they enjoyed their stay in Penang with us and hope that they would share their experience about culture, believes and heritage with their friends, family and as a mini ambassadors among themselves to introduce our country Malaysia. As I am writing this on Malaysia Day, Happy Malaysia Day to everyday!

Our Vice President Billy Loo have taken up commitment to organize a Bicycle Tour to foster relationship among members and committees. Although there are a lot of new members who just joined the club, they are very open to us and able to accept the ways and the believes of the club. Thus, the obligations that usually required to abolished is not needed and everyone had fun during the tour!

During the tour, some of us cycled from town where we picked up our bicycle to Shan's Children Home situated near Mount Erskine. While others in the car, escort the bicycle team to the Shan's Children Home to safety and also taking care of their personal belongings. We had experience a great deal of fun with the members as well as the children in the children house. We challenged the children to make a malaysia flag with recycle materials we provided. They actually produced a very good quality flag thanks to our Mr & Mrs Art, Mr Lee Min Ho & his helper Miss Roxanne.

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This is Miss Roxanne briefing to the children how to draw Malaysia Flag

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And this is Mr Lee Min Ho helping the children to glue the Flag onto Satay Stick

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Prizes are given to those who draw good flags and sweets are distributed as well for those who are not so fortunate. It's a win-win situation where everyone wins!

Our visits ended with a group photo with the children in front of the home!


At the end of the month, Our committees and members attended the Omega & Alpha Joint Installation and Induction. Our committees are finally installed and new members are finally inducted!

Thats all for August, See you guys in SEPTEMBER!

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