November & December Projects Update Part 1

November and December are two of the busiest month for Leo Club of Penang (City) to make ours plans, ideas, suggestions & projects into realization. Leo Club of Penang (City) have organize various projects and activities during this festive months to foster mutual understanding and improve the spirit among our club members, sister clubs & other leos. In late October (reported in November), we celebrated RCC Ong's Birthday at Daorae Korean Barbeque together with 2 visiting leos from the region. The celebration is themed in conjunction with Halloween. NewImage NewImage NewImage Our club members not only organized and attended our own project in November, we have also attended Leo Club of Chung Ling & Pei Yuan's Joint Community Service at the I-Care Centre located at Kampar. The purpose of this project is to promote service to the community and also to support of sister club's projects and activities. NewImage While in early December, Leo Club of Penang (City) has attended Region 1 Joint Organized "Tree 4 Life" Tree Planting Project at SJK(C) Kong Min. Our members have taken this initiative to participate in the tree planting that is in line with the International President's mission that is to plant a million trees. NewImage The tree planting project is organized in conjunction of the International Leo Day & a cake cutting ceremony were held as well. At the 10th of December, we celebrated our 34th Club Anniversary at Stone Bay Restaurant. As the oldest Omega Leo Club in the District, we are proud to be the members of the club & committees. We express our gratitude to our IPP Vincent Khor for organizing this meaningful event to mark the success of Leo Club of Penang (City) for the continuing serving to the Community for 34 years. NewImage The day after the Anniversary, our club members attended and participated Region 1 Bowling Competition organized by New Century Lions Club of Penang Island. they have archived first runner-up in group competition and our President Leo Teoh Him Keat had achieved the highest score for the individual category. NewImage NewImage In mid-December during the holiday break, we sent our representative Leo Lim Chien Ming to attend the District Leo Camp organized at Cameron Highlands. According to him, it was a good experience for him and he had fun during the camp. He has made the club proud as he have won the best camper for the camp. NewImage Last but no least, our members have also attended the Press Conference for the Region 1 Ring Tab Collection project. The press conference was successfully carried out and the photo below shows the total ring tab collected during the collection period. NewImage To be continue...

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