The History


The Leo Club of Penang (City)
 Thirty-Five Years of Service to the Community

            The Leo Club of Penang (City) was founded and inaugurated in 1977, the first non-institutional Leo Club to be formed in Malaysia. The initial club identity, Leo Club of Penang was amended and revised as new Omega Leo clubs emerged.

            Our club is sponsored by Lions Club of Penang (Host), the first Lions Club to be formed in the North Malaysia, after Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and we belong to the Lions Club of International District of 308 B2, which encompasses the countries of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Officially charted on the 6th of August 1977, our club enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest Omega Leo Clubs in the District.

            We were charted and formed at the Merlim Hotel Penang and our Charter President was Leo Lee Teik Hock and the 1st Board of Directors were installed by then the Lions Club President, Past Council Chairperson Jeffrey Quah.

            Today, we are privileged to have Lion Anthony Goh, Lion Simon Kheng, Lion Ng Chek Siang, Lion Danny Lim, Lion Ong Lai Peng, Lion Low Choon Wah and others as our Past Presidents and Past Members who have made their decisions to convert into Lions and continue to serve the community.

            With emphasis on service and to train the youth of Penang in Leadership, Experience and Opportunity, the Leo Club of Penang (City) has been indeed a very good platform for today’s youth who are in search of fellowship and to develop and improve their individual qualities and to render service the needy and to experience leadership.

            As one of the leading clubs in District 308 B2, our club has produced many members who have held high office in the Leo District 308 B2. In particular, we are proud to have among our active members one Immediate Past Leo District President, Leo Ch’ng Kok Sheng, one District Treasurer, Leo Vincent Khor & two Leo Cabinet Officers, Leo Fiona Mary Lee & Leo Stanley Saw whom served the District with distinction during their term of office.

            The charitable and other projects that our club has undertaken and completed are too numerous to be enumerated here. The needs of the less fortunate and underprivileged of our society are many, and the Leo Club of Penang (City) has never been slow in responding to the request for assistance.
The Club has established close relation with other Leo Clubs within and beyond MD 308. They are:

Leo Club of Petaling Jaya                                                     1981*
Leo Club of Singapore (City)                                               1983*
Leo Club of Kota Bahru Central                                           1985
Leo Club of Kwun Tong 1, Hong Kong                                1989
(Now known as Leo Club of Kwun Tong, Hong Kong)
Leo Club of Cyber Amity, KL                                              1998*
Leo Club of KL Bukit Kiara                                                 2007*

*Either converted to Lions Club, Closed, Inactive

Roll of Honour - Past Presidents

1977-1978            PP Lee Teik Hock
1978-1979            PP Johnny Khor
1979-1980            PP Danny Lim
1980-1981            PP Wong Beng Hooi
1981-1982            PP Loy Theam Seng
1982-1983            PP Anthony Goh
1983-1984            PP Harrison Tan
1984-1985            PP Jimmy Lim
1985-1986            PP Harrison Tan
1986-1987            PP Lim Cheng Hooi
1987-1988            PP Elena Ong
1988-1989            PP Dannis K.L. Beh
1989-1990            PP Low Choon Wah
1990-1991           PP Raymond Chan
1991-1992           PP Wong Wooi Fong
1992-1993           PP Yeap Ping Yu

1993-1994           PP Henry Goh

1994-1995           PP Goh Eng Beng
1995-1996           PP Ong Lai Peng
1996-1997           PP Simon Kheng
1997-1998           PP Michael Lim
1998-1999            PP Teh Gim Hooi
1999-2000            PP Ch’ng Ley Ming
2000-2001            PP Jackie Tsng K.L.
2001-2002            PP Yvonne S.F. Tang
2002-2003           PP Koh Sow Li
2003-2004            PP Gordon Lee Keat Siong
2004-2005           PP Ch’ng Kok Sheng
2005-2006           PP Ng Chek Siang
2006-2007            PP Ch’ng Kok Sheng
2007-2008            PP Fiona Mary Lee Cheow-Ruo
2008-2009            PP Royblin Neoh Wei Chien
2009-2010           PP Stanley Saw Zhang Hao
2010-2011            PP Dr. Vincent Khor Wei Sheng
2011-2012            PP Teoh Him Keat