August Updates Part 1

The Board of Leo Club of Penang (City) has started all out into organizing and attending projects in August. We have organized various events and attended installations and inductions throughout the District and also our sister club's installation and inductions function. The month of August is truly a month of meeting new friends and knowing each other and also a little bit of adventure to all our members and committees.

Earlier on the month, we have organized the "District 308B2 YE & Leo Camp". It has proven our cooperation and integrity among other clubs and club team members has lead to a success in organizing the 3 days 2 night camp. The camp was initiated by the Youth Camp Chairperson, DC Hng and we have taken up this challenge in a short notice. The Organizing Chairperson Leo Teoh Shaw Jhee has taken the lead as well as the challenge to organizing this event and the result was fantastic!

Next our club committees & members have attended the "Visit to Ramakrishna" & "DG Shawn's Inauguration Dinner".

The visits have been fruitful as we have learned how to love and care for the orphanages. It is very important that in today society, many children are neglected and love is much needed by the growing children. Attending DG's Inauguration also gave us chance to experience and witness the ceremony of District Governor Shawn Lee and a chance for the committees to social and to understand the DG more.

Our President, Teoh Him Keat and PP Ch'ng Kok Sheng had went all the way to Kelantan to witness "Leo Club of KBC & Chung Cheng's Joint Installation".

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During the time in Kelantan, they had the chance to visit the Lion Club of Kota Bahru's Down Syndrome Centre in Kelantan.

The trip is fruitful as they are not only able to improve the relationship between the club's twinning sister club, they have also have a hands on experience on how to care for the down syndrome. Finally, committees and members have attend more installations and inductions as well as formations. In the southern region, we have attended Serdang Leo's & Metro Methodist College Formation.

In the northern region, We attended Ipoh Unity's Installation.

Our committees and members have certainly enjoyed the trip down to Ipoh and KL to attend functions and projects that could create bonds between the club and foster new friendship among the leo throughout the district.

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