"Give Us A Smile" Fun Fair Outings with Children

"Give Us A Smile" Fun Fair Outings with Children is one of our club Serving Together with with Lions Club projects. We had hosted 20 children from Children Protection Society Penang on 10th September 2010 for dinner at McD Queensbay Mall and also for Euro Fun Park too. This project was jointly organised with sponsoring Lions Club, Lions Club of Penang (Host), New Century Lions Club of Penang Island, Leo Club of Chung Ling High School and Leo Club of SMJK Convent Dato Keramat. Each member was assigned to look after a kid. Every kid allowed to play any games in the fun park with the tokens that we had given to them. The happiness of the children were clearly shown on their face. We strongly believe they had a fun time with us. Special thanks to Organizing Chairperson Minz Tioh! ROARRR

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