Team Building and Hiking @ Muka Head with Sponsoring Lions Club and Alpha Sister Clubs' members

...Team Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions
( A group photo before they kick off thier day)

8th of August 2009 was another day where the Lions from Sponsoring Lions Club of Penang (Host) had a joint fellowship project- Team Building and Hiking to Muka Head with thier sponsored Leo Clubs: Penang (City), CDK and CLHS at The Penang National Park (Muka Head). It was a rainy day in the early morning. Fortunately, the rain stops as they reached gurney and the plan carried on. Everyone boarded the bus and off they headed to the entrance - The Penang National Park.

Team Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions
(started their journey)

The members who participated in this fellowship were President Stanley Saw, PP Fiona Lee, Roxanne Tan, Him Keat, Wallace Mak, Scott Ong and soon-to-be new members: Sammy Saw (Outgoing member of UHS), Jessmine and Froggy (Outgoing BOD of CDK).

(answering the questions...)
Everyone was separated into 4 groups, with 4 person in each. All groups are assigned with a map, question papers to complete filled with questions regarding everything you walk past and what you see in order to go through every checkpoint along the hike up to USM beach. After going through 3 checkpoints everyone gets to rest and have our lunch.Their next station will be the USM beach, and thier next mission is to catch 5 crabs, 2 siput, 2 ants, and 1 spider or 2 fishes.

After that everyone carried on the journey through the slightly tougher and rockier path towards our final destination , Muka Head. Our HERO Wallace Mak slipped on the slippery rock and injured his knee and elbow though.Upon reaching, they were assigned with another mission, is to build something with 2 bamboos and an empty container which is given that could float 2 person without sinking.

(Left: Scott Ong and an injured hand of Wallace. Right: Roxanne Tan building something with bamboos and an empty container)

Team Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions

After finishing our creative masterpiece, everyone were to test it in the real water. Of course, there were some failed and some succeed.

Team Building on 9th August 2009 with LionsTeam Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions

Team Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions

The above picture showing the failed one! In the end of it, our lion president - Lion Simon Kheng, talks about why some failed, because we need to unite in order to success, so, from the start, everyone is supposed to fail just to proves that combining every bamboo will ensure a rakit that will float for sure. After that, everyone's required to combine every piece to create a bigger rakit. As a reward, everyone of them gets a ride on the banana boat!

Team Building on 9th August 2009 with LionsTeam Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions
(Li Fei, Wallace, Roxanne, Froggy, Scott on the Banana Boat)

Everyone in the banana boat fell into the sea, and our club super HERO- Wallace Mak was so brave and bold, he swam and saved Patrick (CLHS Leo) !And he earned himself so many admirers for his bravery act after that! Perhaps, he won someone's heart at the same time too. We don't know, only he knows about it. :) For more details story on this outing, kindly pay a visit to this blog by PP Fiona Lee. There were some other incidents happened too but due to I was not there to scream for "HELP" and got my self DARK and RED plus I'm referring to his blog to blog about this outing. :)They actually had the same terrifying journey back to the shore too so for more information, please log on to this blog.

Team Building on 9th August 2009 with Lions

Before they headed back to Gurney Drive, they managed to take a group shot showing how interesting the outing was to all of us! They smiled even thought there was some minor "incident" happended during the trip but they managed to solve it and i would like to say: "Wallace, we feel proud of you!!!. You are our Hero". :P

(Special thanks to PP Fiona Lee and Yong Seng from Leo Club of CLHS for the photos and some story of the outing that enable me to blog and share in our club's blog)

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