Walk for Sight Charity Walk 2009

In conjunction with Lions 50 Years of community Services in Malaysia, "Walk for Sight" Charity Walk 2009 was jointly organized by Region 1 Lions Clubs & Leo Club & St. Nicholas' Home in partnership with Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang on the 27th of June 2009.

Leo Club of Penang City is no way a left-behind and is part of the organizer of this first ever "blindfolded" walk organized for the sighted in Penang. Our camera forces were loaded with their gadgets and all buckled up to capture the very moment of a grandeur scene of thousands experiencing a world of a visually impaired, the very first time in Penang.

Highlights for the day were,
Having the participants to walk in pairs, with one being blindfolded and led by another, thus giving the sighted the opportunity to experience blindness, to value sight and to appreciate teamwork, to have fun and of course raise the much needed funds for St Nicholas' Home to help the visually impaired. Other events such as, entertainments and to excite the crowd a little - Lucky Draws! =) Oh, there is a corner collecting old glasses for recycling too.

The event took place in Padang Polo, by eight in the morning strings of people started turning up ,as more crowds of young and old congregated at the field, warm-up exercises and demonstrations of the dos and don'ts while leading the visually impaired were carried out led by an experienced trainer.

The walk encompasses a distance as far as 2.3 kilometers from Padang Polo, passing through Disted-Stanford College, Penang General Hospital, and back to Padang Polo. The streets encircled the area were flooded with participants during the walk.

It was indeed a joyous scene,having people of all ages joining the walk and given their support.

Of course, not forgetting our very own Leo club of Penang City's members.


Upon completion participants will be receiving each..

A certificate,

A bottle of drinks,

A cup of oh-so-satisfying thirst quenching VICO,

And a warm hearty massage by the St Nicholas' masseurs

Are you kidding me?

Upon a mere 2.3km walk and everyone gets a massage!!
Just look at how wonderful our life is, and count our very own luck as a real visually impaired have to walk all their life summing up a total of 1000000000000times of 2.3 km, YET they don't get a massage for every kilometers they go. Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself if you're one lucky child.

Our very own Leo President Stanley Saw receiving a token of appreciation from the OC Lion Christina Choong.

Mock cheque presentation to the St Nicholas' house by Petaling Jaya Lions Club.

To wrap up everything, the event was a success, and provided below are the publicity from the Star newspaper regarding the event.

Prepared by,
PP Fiona Lee
Leo Club of Penang (City)

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