3R Recycling Project – It’s All We’ve Been Envisaging by Penang City

The drizzling rain enforced the fortitude of the Leos which has been the missing element for the past few years. It was a test of mentality, indirectly. It tested the perseverance – whether to continue the 3R Recycling Project or not. The Leos amassed at the playground opposite to Heng Ee High School.

The Organizing Chairperson, Leo Ng Zi Qin had to ask them to move into the coffee shop beside to brief them about the groupings and tasks to be done during the activity. Since there were around 10 Leos from each club, he divided them into 5 groups. Each group composed of 2 to 3 members from each club respectively.

Prior to the collection, Leo Ng Zi Qin told them the two main objectives of the project, viz:

1. To promote the concept of going green, in which this is in line with the state government’s aspirations in becoming the First Green State.
2. To be the launching pad to break the ice between the members of 3 different clubs. This is to foster a closer bond between the Leos from the 3 main alpha clubs in Penang and indirectly motivating other clubs. And therefore, it serves as a catalyst to unite the Leos in Region 1!

The Leos only managed to collect old newspapers, aluminium tins, cardboard, plastic bottles and the likes from five blocks. Leo Ng Zi Qin then decided to call the project to a halt due to the heavy downpour. They carried the items from each block to the motor shelter.

Leo Saw Zhang Hao, Leo Daniel Khor, Leo Scott Ong and Leo Ng Zi Qin then transported the items to the Recycling Centre by their vehicles. The total amount raised is RM 86.70.

3R Recycling Project was always considered as one of the simplest projects to be carried out. Now Leo Ng Zi Qin has identified three major concerns that should always be taken into account, viz:

1. To check the availability of lorry transport or Recycling centres.
2. To get permission from MPPP to paste the notices around.
3. To surf the net to survey the weather forecast for the day of project.

The money raised was donated to Handicapped Children’s Centre Penang on 13th July 2009, Monday.

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