Flash // Recent Activities We Attended

This is indeed a hectic month for every Leo Clubs in the district, some are organising their own clubs' Installation and Initiation events, some are travelling to different regions to join others together.

Well, we are glad that we received a few invitations from various clubs in August. We really appreciate all of the invitations but we would like to express our sincere apology that we could not participate all.

Let's review what are those events we attended recently.

Joint Initiation & Installation and Anniversary of Leo Club of Alor Setar, Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa, Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa II and Leo Club of Darul Aman

It was a grand event of 4 Leo Clubs Joint Initiation and Installation ceremony on 11 August 2013, witnessed by the Guests, Lions and Leos. We had our good time together with Region 2 Leos as well as Leo members from other regions, meanwhile we exchanged our experience and recent updates of serving the community together.

20th Platinum Anniversary Dinner, Installation & Initiation Ceremony of Leo Club of Tanjung Penang

We were happy to witness the installation ceremony of the new Board of Directors of Leo Club of Tanjung Penang, we hope we could work with the new team together in future. Once again we would like to congratulate the club for 20 years of service, it must be an important chapter of Tanjung Penang's history of leading the youth to serve the community.

Joint Installation, Club Anniversaries and Initiation Ceremony of Lions Club of Ipoh Bougainvillaea City and Leo Club of Ipoh Unity

We were invited to this occasion which was held on 24 August 2013. We had our fun time there especially acting different poses in front of a digital photobooth. Congratulations to the new Board of Directors and happy anniversary!

Leo Joint Installation and Initiation cum Anniversary of Leo Club of Georgetown Central, Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls' High School and Leo Club of Han Chiang High School

We participated Leo Clubs' Installation and Initiation Ceremony events in different venues before, in a hall, theatre and more. But this time, it was in a Starbucks Coffee outlet! It was the first time we attended Leo occasion there and we enjoyed the event with coffee drinks too!

What about us? Stay tuned for The Presentation 2013, brought to you by Leo Club of Penang (City)!

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