It's Bowling Time!

Other than Dinner TT, we have planned a Sport TT for the members too! This monthly sport event organised by Director Leo Choo Li Fei has gathered 14 members to play bowling games together on 26 July. 

We were really enjoying the session at the same time brushing up our bowling skills. After that, we took the opportunity to have project discussion and had our supper at a food stall nearby. It was a great time for us and we couldn't wait for the next TT again! 

About TT

For the fiscal year 2013-2014, the Leo Club of Penang (City) has decided to have something slightly different. The Leos will be having monthly TT, which stands for Teh Tarik Session or Tea Talk. It is a free and easy, casual meet up for catching up among our own members, as well as being able to discuss and update on projects together, sharing some information or experience in a casual way. A TT can be anything, range from a dinner, a "Yam Cha", a movie or even any outings. 

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