July Updates

Dear Readers,
Apologies for late update of the July's Projects & Events attended by our Club, Leo Club of Penang (City). As we all know, every club is currently undergoing administration changes.

Let us proceed. In the Early July. Our BOD for 2011-2012 have been trying their best to keep up with the projects organized on the island and outside the state as well. The purpose of this is to build relationship and understanding among other club's BOD and to socialize with Leos & Lions.

Our Club's BOD and Members attending Region 3 Joint Installation at Hua Tang Restaurant, Alor Setar, Kedah

We have also attended a Durian Party with Children Protection Society. We have indeed made alot of laughter during the day to the children in the CPS. We donated a TV we collected from the 3R Project earlier that day at Taman Free School

We also attended this year's Walk For Sight & Sound. It's even bigger than before!

IPG Kampar Anniversary as well.

Lastly, attended the Region 1 Lions Club Joint Installation

Thank you for reading.

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