Joint visit to Rumah Orang Asli @ Cameron Highland

The Orang Asli are the indigenous people who dwell in the forest of Peninsular Malaysia. Literally, Orang asli is Original People. Leo Club of Penang (City) and Leo Club of Tanjung Penang had organised a visit to Rumah Orang Asli at Cameron Highland to better understand how's their life. It is incorrect to assume that those Orang asli live isolated from the world. They used solar energy to generate power supply and they even have Astro installed in their house.

Some of us were hoping to see them in forest attire was certainly a great disappointment. They are actaully in modem attire too unlike olden days. Due to the development, Malaysian Government has allocated a new place and built 42 houses for the people who previously living in the forest. They are now living in the house with 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. In fact, their living is improving. We were there not only paying a visit but also to distribute some daily necessities to the residents especially the kids. Special thanks to Lions Club of Cameron Highland for the special arrangement. We are glad that to know more about the living of "orang asli" in Malaysia. Roarrr~ The members presence were Him Keat, Kok Sheng, Min Xiang, Zi-Qian, Kah Sing, Sammy..

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