"1 GREEN MALAYSIA" Recycling Items Design Contest!!

Download the Registration Form HERE!!

Leo Clubs of Penang (City), Chung Ling High School and Convent Datuk Keramat are jointly organizing a Recycling Item Design Contest with the theme of "1 GREEN MALAYSIA" on 29th August 2010 at Penang Times Square with the support from YOUTH JAM'10.

Other than the design contest, we will have some exhibition during the contest and also auction session after the contest.

Let's talk about the Recycling Item Design Contest, the details of the contest is as below:-
  • Date: 29th August 2010
  • Time: 1pm - 6pm
  • Venue: Penang Times Square
  • Admission: RM15 per group (2 - 4 persons)
Term of Entry:
  • The participants must register for participation before 12pm on the day of contest.
  • The contest is open to public. The organizing committee is not allowed to participate in the contest.
  • Participants are required to use recycling materials e.g. bottles, aluminum tin can, newspaper, paper box, old clothing, old damaged computers & parts; then design and transform them into a creative product or household product related to Malaysia and MERDEKA. You can build a 1 Malaysia logo, a penholder with KL/ Twin Tower on it etc, depends on your creativity.
  • The contest is conducted in groups: each group consists of 2 - 4 people. Registration Fee for each group is RM15.
  • All entries must be completed within 3 hours time frame. All entries could be colored.
  • Plagiarisms are strictly forbidden.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to carry out an auction. Proceeds will be taken as donation for charity purposes.
  • The judging panel members have final decision on the result of the contest.
  • The organizing committee team has the right to make any amendment on the rules and regulation of the contest.
  • 参赛者必须在比赛当天29/8/2010 (星期日) 下午12 时正前报到
  • 参赛者年龄不拘, 唯有主办当局之委员不可参加
  • 参赛者必须用再循环用品为材料, 例如罐子, 纸皮, 瓶子, 旧衣物, 旧电脑与零件, 或已损坏用品等, 设计及制造一个以马来西亚, 国庆日, 种族团结互助或爱国为主题的摆设品或家居用品, 例如 “1个马来西亚” , 双峰塔/吉隆坡塔笔架 等等, 全由参赛者自由发挥自己的创意
  • 比赛以组别方式进行, 每组由2 4 人组成, 报名费每组只需 15 零吉
  • 参赛组合须在3 个小时内创作并完成其作品, 作品可涂上颜色
  • 参赛者必须自备其材料
  • 参赛作品须为组合之原创作品, 不可抄袭
  • 主办单位有权将参赛作品在现场拍卖,并将所得捐给慈善组织或洗肾中心. 参赛者不可异议
  • 评审团的决定为最后决定
  • 主办单位有权增删及修改比赛细则
Download the Registration Form HERE!!

For further information, please contact:

Leo Fiona Mary Lee 014-944 8355
Leo Teoh Him Keat 016-444 8744
Leo Lester Panai Labung 016-469 6486
Leo Khoo Siew Ling 014-494 3809