International Coastal Cleaup Project 2009 @ Teluk Kumbar

ICCP Leo GO Green 2009

On 26 September 2009, we had particpated in the International Coastal Cleaup Project 2009 @ Teluk Kumbar organised by CEMACS, USM. Region 1 Leos and Lions were invited to be one of the participating NGOs. Of course, Leo Club of Penang (City) was one of them. For Leo Club, Leo Vincent Khor has taken the initiative to lead the Region 1 Leos in this cleanup campaign whereas RCC Ong Lai Peng leads the Region 1 Lions.

ICCP Leo GO Green

We had sent 12 members to participate in this clean up project. They were Edwin Tan, Daniel Khor, Tict Chyuan, Victor, Jameson, President Stanley, PP Kok Sheng, Roxanne, Sammy, Min Xiang, Him Keat and OC Vincent Khor. DG Choong, 1st VDH Hudson, 2nd VDG Shawn, DC for Leo Ln Allan Thoo were there to join us for this meaningful project too.

ICCP Leo GO Green

ICCP Penang Leo GO Green Project 2009

This project was carried out successfully. For detail report, stay tune and OC Vincent will briefly report what was going on during the project. Let's Go Green together~

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